Joylynn has been providing massages since 2001 and relocated to Greenville just a few years ago.  She became an Oncology Massage Therapist in 2016, training with Healwell in northern Virginia. She first thought about finding a way to help people with a history of cancer in 1995 when her father passed away from brain cancer. When she first was in massage school, she was instructed that cancer was a contraindication for massage, which we now know is not true.  But even at that time, she always knew that that was not a true statement; there had to be a safe and effective way to approach massage and oncology together. Intuitively it made sense! While working as a massage therapist in Las Vegas, her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer which was her spark to go ahead and take the training in Oncology Massage. She took her first class with Lauren Muser Cates, one of the founding members of the Society for Oncology Massage, and sought further training in Greenville on Infusion Center massage, which was also her introduction to Greenville.  She had spent over a decade providing deep work but felt there’s more to be done. “My hands had another purpose.” She was able to help her sister get through treatment in a kinder way, and then relocated to Greenville, near Furman, where she has set up her new practice.

When not providing a restorative massage, Joylynn loves being outside—hiking, gardening, learning about nature. She likes to hone into the quiet times to replenish.  She also enjoys going to live music events with friends. She is an active volunteer with Switch, an organization helping victims of human trafficking.

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