Who Needs

Oncology Massage?

Anyone who has ever had a diagnosis and treatment for cancer would benefit from consulting with a massage therapist trained in oncology massage before going to/or going back to your regular massage therapist.  Oncology massage is a regular massage that is modified for any immediate, short term or long term side effects of cancer treatment.  It usually feels more relaxing and restorative than a deep tissue massage.  The oncology massage therapist has a body of knowledge about cancer, cancer treatments, side effects and how to modify the massage using critical thinking skills.     If you are a survivor, perhaps even years away from treatment, it may only be a matter of being a bit lighter on an area where you had lymph nodes removed, so the massage doesn’t trigger lymphedema.  If in treatment, a gentle pampering and knowing how to position you and work around a port may be just the break from the poking and prodding at the doctor’s office and infusion center or radiation treatment room.  The massage is usually at a slower pace, and soft, but you will still feel the massage. It is not fluff.  It is safe for anyone in treatment, in recovery, in survivorship, or at end of life.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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