Attendance Policy


Students are responsible for punctual and regular attendance in all classes, laboratories, and clinics.  There are no excused absences.

Students are tardy if not in class at the time the class is scheduled to begin.  Students who are tardy are admitted to class at the discretion of the instructor. Students are expected to be in class the entire class time.  They should not enter late or leave early.  Rare exceptions may be made, particularly in emergency situations, but students should be prepared to explain their tardiness to the instructor after class.  Likewise, students should explain before class any need to leave early.

Anyone arriving later than 15 minutes after class time on the day of the client clinic (3rd day of class), will not be admitted, and will forfeit receiving a Certificate of Completion for that class.  At the instructor’s discretion, the complete class may be taken again at no charge for credit.

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