Non-Oncology Therapeutic Massages Also Available

Oncology Massage During and After Treatment

Comforting, Safe, and Effective massage for anyone affected by cancer and its treatments.

Being treated for cancer does not mean you need to stop getting massages.  Your massage therapist has a Specialized Certificate in Oncology Massage; a specialized training that provides the background needed to modify the massage for the side effects and long-term effects of cancer treatment. Modifications may include changing your position for the massage, extra pillows or bolsters, working around ports and other medical devices, and using less pressure, all depending on your health history including possible low blood cell counts, risk of lymphedema, neuropathy, limited range of motion from scar tissue, and fatigue.  Your safety and comfort is our highest concern. 

What is Oncology Massage?

Oncology massage is a massage that has been adapted to any and all effects of cancer, the way it has affected the body.  The massage is also modified based on side effects of treatment, whether from chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation, both short term and long term.  The focus is therapeutic and restorative..

Who Needs An Oncology Massage?

What type of product do you use while giving the massage?

It depends on the therapist and your health history.  For a person in treatment (recovering from surgery, in chemotherapy, or receiving radiation or immunotherapy) or at end of life, or at any point your skin is sensitive, we will use a hypoallergenic massage lotion.  If you have strong, healthy skin, you and your therapist can discuss whether to use lotion or the massage oil of your mutual choice.

Do I need a note from my doctor before I come to get a massage from you?

It is always nice to have a note, especially if the doctor is familiar with oncology massage, but it is not necessary.  The doctors are not always familiar with the ways we adapt massage for people with a history of cancer. However, it IS why we ask for a more extensive health history form and will spend a bit more time talking to you before your first massage.

Why do I have to fill out such a long health history form? It’s just a massage.

Oncology massage therapists need additional information about your cancer treatment to see if you have any problems that frequently occur as a result of the treatments.  So we ask questions and will go over the form with you before your massage. That way we can adjust the massage for places to avoid (for example, do you still have a port?) or we may need to massage with less pressure to give you the best and safest massage possible.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

For anyone who is a cancer survivor  (past treatment and recovery), a caregiver, or a non-oncology client, we request 24 hours cancellation notice.  Less than 24 hours we will not offer refunds. 

For clients still in treatment or in hospice, please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel.  We will not offer a refund but you will be allowed to reschedule one time without losing your payment

Policy on Masking:

With the decrease in COVID cases, masking is now optional. If you wish to wear a mask and/or if you wish for the therapist to wear a mask, that request will be honored. Your safety comes first!

Please call 864-238-1816 for more information.  

Massage Packages

We give you the option to visit a therapist at her office, or request a visit to your home or residence, and even to book two massages back to back at home if you would like the caregiver to receive a massage as well.  Please allow extra time on your first visit to give us time to know your history and concerns, and to create the right massage for you.

In Office
30 minutes

For the client who is still a bit wary of massage after diagnosis, or if you are experiencing side effects and want a shorter massage. Perfect if you are still in treatment, or just have one or two areas that need attention.

  • 30 min Therapeutic massage (for non-oncology clients) $50
  • 30 min Oncology Massage $50

In Office
60 minutes

For the client who is used to massage and wants a full hour, even with modifications for side effects from treatment. It may include additional support with pillows or towels, and modification for risk of lymphedema if needed.

  • 60 min Therapeutic massage (for non-oncology clients) $80
  • 60 min Oncology Massage $80

In Office
90 minutes

For the client who is used to massage and unaffected by cancer, cancer treatment, or other serious medical issues.


  • 90 min Therapeutic massage (for non-oncology clients) $110
  • 90 min Oncology Massage (not recommended if in treatment)

At Home Oncology Massage
1 Person

Perfect if you don't want to leave the house.  We can bring a massage table, or if you prefer, we can provide the massage in a recliner or your bed.  Price includes travel up to 20 miles one way, and up to a one hour massage.


At Home Oncology Massage
2 Person

Massage for the client with a history of cancer, and the primary caregiver, done back to back.  As with 1 person visit, the massages may be on a massage table, or can be adapted to recliner or bed.  Price includes travel up to 20 miles one way, and up to 2- one hour massages.



We keep the names confidential.

“I was really stressed when I got there for the massage, and wasn’t at all when I left. Definitely helped me relax.”

“Massage therapy continues to be very helpful in my current chemotherapy regimen.  I go  every two weeks for a four-hour infusion.  Of course, that procedure does entail a certain amount of tension and the massage therapist’s soothing treatment is always very welcome.  It results in a significant decrease in tension and neuropathy in my feet.” 

“I have not allowed myself to have [a massage] since chemo started and received one monthly before diagnosis. This was wonderful and I would like more..”

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